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Halloween Haunting early times for non scare fun

Below are pictures of our Halloween visits to various places as well as some from our Non-Scary Haunting times. We hope you enjoy seeing them and also that you will come see what the Non-Scary Haunting has for the younger children to enjoy for Halloween!

EEE all dressed up for Halloween at Rural King Columbus IN

Miniature Horse

EEE will work for sugar cubes or peanuts

Princess is in the barn ready for visitors

All the barn yard friends

like to dress up.

Princess the miniature

horse is doing a little

styling in camo..

Princess looking over the car

You never know
who you might see
at the farm
Ellie May nap time on the miniature horse wagon

Ellie the blood hound

has found a great place

to take a little nap.

Make new friends everywhere at the farm

Here at the farm   

there are friends

to be made


Wonderful visitors at Shireman Homestead

Our special friends

including Jack

like to get in the stage coach

now and then.

David Davis
Great day for a family wagon ride

No fears here

just a great wagon ride

while the ghost and ghouls

are a sleep!

Miss Princess a beautiful day for a visit

Little Miss Princess dressed at her best.

Lots of fun

and many things to do,

but the best is knowing

that there is no reason to run!

You never know who might be 

in the woods

Miniature Donkeys all dressed up for a day out

Shireman Homestead

always takes time to go

visiting others in our bus

with our

barn friends.

$5.00 during non scare time, $12.00 during main The Haunting time.  Cash only please! Thank you